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Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

Okay,¬†actually you are a really good player now, maybe thanks to our hints to great guides or our worthful coaching, of course ūüėČ , or maybe just because you have much experience and talent. Respect!

What would you do now with this talent, skills and passion for your game? Maybe some parts of the jigsaw are missing for you. How to start a career in esports? What do contracts of pro gamers look like? Are there any legal pitfalls? How to find a (good) team? Would it be a good idea to visit some LAN tournaments to make you visible and get connections? Do I have to change parts of my lifestyle for a competitive career? What about marketing for my own brand? Is it wise to have some kind of management in place for communication, legal services or social media?

Whatever your question is about facets regarding career planning, esports, the gaming industry (you name it, be creative!) – please ask us. We¬īre offering you consulting to all of those topics if we have an expertise in this field of knowledge.

Contact us, asking is for free, of course.


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