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Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow


Where does the nickname “Flashback” come from? The nickname was coined 1992 on the base of the Jump-‘n’-Run game “Flashback – The quest for identity”

What does “frag” mean? Simply a kill

What does “Fragger” mean? Online gaming term for a ‘killer’. We see it a little bit general – all gamers are ‘Fraggers’.

Why is this website called “FraggersWorld“? A project from players for players to improve your gaming



Where does the nickname “Masakari” come from?  The nickname was coined 1993 on the base of the Ego-Shooter game “Mechwarrior”. Masakari is the Japanese word for “axe” or “hatchet”. Within the BattleTech universe, it is an 85 tons heavy BattleMech with a bunch of newest Clan-Technology. Terrifying.



What does “Wagazzi” mean? Your personal awesome moments in gaming. Tell us all about it live in our TwitchTV-Stream. See TwitchTV.

Why is there a company called “Wagazzi GbR” (see Imprint) in the background? The whole webpage, activities on Twitch.TV and Twitter, as well as coaching and consulting is a hobby within our spare time. If we earn some money with these actions, we would re-invest it to the project immediately. Because of German tax and media laws, we had to found a company in case we have some sort of profit.

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