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Compared with playing in solo mode, there is one crucial difference: There is always a second guy (oooh, really? :-P). Okay, this was obvious, but this changes some things:

  1. If you see an enemy, try to tell it your duo partner first, before performing any action. More precisely, give a direction and the distance. If there are specific landmarks (“big rock”, “the small building on the left” etc.), tell this too. More information leads to more firepower.  
  2. If you cannot see the second enemy of a spotted team, try to search for him. If you attack without this knowledge, you might knock the first guy, but get shots in the back from the second one.
  3. If you run into an enemy team and your mate is too far away to help you, you have two option: Kill the whole team or retreat to a point where you and your teammate have an angle for a good attack. Most of the time your enemies have heard you and a retreat is the wiser option.
  4. Check your inventory and balance it with your teammate. You should have at least one smoke grenade in case you have to create a barrier if your mate got knocked. Balance ammunition and health. If you and your mate have finished the initial looting, come together and throw all needless loot on the floor. Sometimes you or your mate can find some useful stuff.
  5. In the first minutes of looting, it can be useful to offer some rare things to your teammate in case you already have them, e.g. if you find level 2 helmet/vest or compensators, or SR weapons.

There are many philosophies on how to play duo. Start with the easiest one: Follow your teammate or try to lead the duo team. Stick together and stay close. In case one got hit or run into an enemy team or player, you are close together and can attack/defend with combined firepower.

A second approach is to give your teammate a little room. Mostly you will scout an enemy team and your teammate can create a completely different angle to shoot from. This is more effective. Your enemies will have a different time to look for two different targets in different directions and furthermore it is more difficult to find a cover that protects two angles. This approach is a little bit dangerous. If you run into another team, your partner is far away. If you get knocked, you are dead most of the times.



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