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PUBG is a special game. It´s not so fast like Overwatch. It´s not so one dimensional like CS:GO. It´s not so colourful like Fortnite. It´s not so static like Battlefield. PUBG is a perfect mix of all successful FPS games of the last 20 years. 

Furthermore, it adds some highly addictive elements and you should not think about skins or crates or the new weapon mastery system. Every game is unique with millions of variables changing within seconds. Airdrops, shifting zones, 100 players, four completely different maps etc. Never before a player needed to learn and master so many skillz in one game. And it gets multidimensional when playing as a team. 

But how should you play the game? There is no concrete answer. It depends on you. You like to get the action and chase fights – okay, risky but doable. Your aiming is still not perfect and it might be better to have as fewer encounters as possible? Alright, sneak to the inner circle and you have only to win the last fight to get your dinner. You can throw yourself right into the battle and parachute to crowded locations or you need a secured area for looting, before searching for the first encounter. There aren’t any rules on how to win. There aren’t any perfect strategies or tactics to reach for the chicken dinner. 

On public servers – and this is general for all FPS games – the game is “wild”. Some players try out new weird things and kill themselves. Others act like they don´t care about the zone or their life and fight persistently deep in the blue. And others just try to run you over with a car. There is a lack of structure compared to a competitive game. 

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