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Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

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Is there any better feeling than to beat 99 other players in a game? Solo follows the ultimate struggle for survival. You are on your own. Let´s talk about some specialities in solo mode.

Early game:

  • The first 2 minutes are pure chaos if you land within a crowded area (e.g. Erangel School, San-Hok Paradise Resort, Vikendi Castle, Myramar Pecardo).
  • Grab a weapon fast or die. Don´t loot other things in the first seconds. A weapon is your primary goal.
  • Try to remember the nearest enemy or enemies and match this knowledge with the first zone. If you´re in the zone you can go hunting. If you have to move into the zone, try to avoid an encounter until you´re in. 


Middle game:

  • Be ready to react at any time. Other players can be literally everywhere.
  • If you breach a building, check all rooms
  • Defend your building aggressively. This is better than camping because there is a high chance for two results: 1. You kill the attacking player. 2. You shoo the other player away.   
  • Stay boosted. It´s likely to get involved in encounters while driving or running into the zone. Boosts can make a difference.
  • If you see a vehicle beside a building, believe it, somebody is at home. You can damage the vehicle or aim on it. In the first case, the owner will try to hunt you. In the second case, you get the first shot.


Late game:

  • Stay boosted!!! Often you will be overrun by the zone while fighting. And again: Boosts can make a difference! 🙂
  • If you shoot, your position is revealed – always. Change your position immediately.
  • In this phase of the game, you shouldn´t loot any more. The risk is too high. Exception: If you can loot within a building.
  • If you have to loot (e.g. lack of ammunition), throw one or two smoke grenades to cover you. Loot fast. Then run for cover and change position quickly.
  • Now it is all about hearing. Where are the other players? Do they have trouble? Which weapons do they have? 
  • Clear your back. Move with the zone to have it as a wall behind you. 



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