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Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

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Welcome to another world. Playing as a squad changes everything. Some differences:

  1. More action around you. Sometimes it´s really hard to separate footsteps from enemies and your teammates. Minimap is your best friend.
  2. Spotting enough cars or boats before landing is very important. You should use more than one vehicle for a shift. A full squad in one car is an easy target for another team – remember: A car explodes in seconds if four weapons spray bullets in it.
  3. You start with a maximum of 25 teams. If you avoid a hot drop, you have enough room to loot undisturbed. Concentrate on premium loot.
  4.  Try to spread your team into all directions and scout for enemy teams. It´s nearly impossible to “overlook” enemies. Situations, where you run into a team by surprise, are nearly impossible.
  5. If you shoot at a target, within seconds you will become a target for four enemies. Never ever shoot without cover! And don´t stand still. Fire, cover, change position, fire, cover – and so on…


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