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PUBG in-game Leader (IGL)

Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

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In-Game Leader, Caller, Planner…many names for one crucial role. This player uses the map view far more often than all other team members. He or she calls the next place to go, chooses positions for the scouts and tries to coach the team to the inner circle. If the team is a body, this fragger would be the brain. Impossible Situations are just new tasks for an IGL.


This player needs at least 5 outstanding skillz:

  • communication is the key to more information and success
  • Did anyone remember the flight path in detail? Yes. IGL.
  • Patience: PUGB is a game where timing is an important factor
  • Of course, a really good knowledge of all maps
  • Zone Management, means knowledge of phases, damage and speed
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