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PUBG Captain

Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

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You are playing squad and you have an IGL (in-game leader). Maybe this mate is your “Captain” at the same time. Good. But mostly your IGL is just a planner for a raw battle plan. Right on the spot, a “Captain” coordinates the actions. He or she has a sense for the mental status of all teammates. If there is a good situation to push an enemy team, the “Captain” will hurry everyone. A Captain always shows optimism, mental strength and calmness. If some mates talking to much OT stuff, he or she will call them to order. He or she can overrule the IGL if necessary.


The role “Captain” has 4 crucial skillz:

  • very good communication skillz
  • A lot of patience to find the sweet spots for extraordinary gameplays
  • An ability to create so-called “200IQ plays”
  • A passion for team leadership – in good and bad times
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