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PUBG Driver

Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

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Everybody should be a good driver, right? But what if your team has only one vehicle available? Who is the best driver? This guy should have the role “Driver”. To be responsible for all teammates, sitting like lame ducks in one car/boat requires mental strongness, right decisions and good knowledge of the map. One damn ridge stopping the car, one unwanted spin or flip could make you to an easy target.


The role “Driver” has 3 crucial skillz:

  • Of course, you should be a master in driving all PUBG vehicles.
  • You should know each rock, each sneaky ditch and each tricky terrain on all the maps
  • The landscape is your friend. Building good barrages with a car or find the one and the only path up on a mountain is your hobbyhorse.


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