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Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

Maybe you wonder how a pro gamer can see anything with anti-aliasing set to “off”? If Anti-Aliasing is turned off for maximum FPS, your graphics card is in the lead. Here you can see settings that will raise the image quality and system performance if you have an NVIDIA GPU.

These settings are working excellent with the 10x series of NVIDIA. The important setting regarding the image quality is “Texture filtering – Quality”. Set it to “High quality”. If you have another NVIDIA graphics card the settings may differ. Try to enter “PUBG <insert your NVIDIA chip series here>” in Google to get some indicators which settings can work for you. At the end you have to test, test, test to find your best setting.


Some settings are relevant for all NVIDIA GPUs to get maximum performance and to prevent stutter:

Maximum pre-rendered frames = 1

Power management mode = Prefer maximum performance

Vertical Sync = Off

Shader Cache should be set to “On” if you have an SSD hard drive (Hopefully you have SSD and PUBG is installed on this drive).

If you “feel” stutter, try to raise the maximum pre-rendered frames to “2” or “3”. The input lag caused by the higher numbers is minimal, but the game could run smoother. Just try it.


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