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Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

Besides your technical conditions (mouse, monitor, system performance, keyboard, mousepad, headset) you have personal physical conditions (reaction time, eye tracking speed, freshness, self-confidence, sense of hearing… etc.). You cannot play PUBG blind, so your most important sense is visual. You recognize equipment, enemies, spots to hide and a dozen other things within a second while glancing over the territory on the front of your player’s character. To have the right settings for your graphics card is one side of the medal. The other side is your monitor settings.

There are many different techniques on the market to light up dark spots, sharpen the image, smoothen motions etc. – we cannot name them all. You have a monitor, so please type “PUBG <insert your monitor here> in Google and find possible good settings for PUBG.

If you want to buy a new one, then try to afford a monitor with at least 144 Hz. “What? But the human eye sees motions fluently from 30 Frames per Second. I don´t need more than a 60 Hz monitor.” Yes, you can see all motions fluently even with 60 FPS on a 60 Hz monitor, but if you played on a 144 Hz monitor with more than 60 FPS, you never wanna go back. It feels more natural and smoother. Your eye-hand-coordination will benefit a lot. Believe us.

“What? But my actual monitor has 60 Hz and motions are smooth. I can´t believe that I can see a difference above 60 FPS.” Pilots in the Air Force can see changing FPS up to 300 FPS or even more. It is a matter of training and a question of your personal genetic maximum that is achievable.

“Why does that matter? Why is 300 FPS better than 60 FPS?” In PUBG that makes a huge difference. First of all, everything looks more natural. For example, if you are able to see differences up to 150 FPS and you play PUBG with 60 FPS, you are playing with a slight input lag. What you see on the screen is slightly behind reality.

Second, there is actually a connection between Frame Rate and Damage made by all automatic weapons.

Here you can see what the problem is:


Till this issue is fixed, higher FPS means more damage because of a higher rate of fire.

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