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Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

First of all: If you have a mouse or gaming mouse which allows using macros, please turn off this function. Macros (e.g. used for anti-recoil-scripts) are not allowed and you could be banned if BattleEye Anticheat catches you. There should be an option to disable macros within your mouse software.


Okay, so what can you do with your mouse? A lot. And like with the graphics settings you have to test, test, test. Find your personal best setting. You cannot copy settings from pro gamers or streamers, but their settings could be a good starting point. Sometimes a pro gamer or streamer is playing with the exact same equipment like you and you can find that information here: https://pubg-esports.gamepedia.com/  or here https://prosettings.net/pubg-pro-settings-gear-list/


Let´s start with the sensitivity for Windows OS. You don´t have to touch it anymore. PUBG is using the RAW mouse data and the mouse settings of Windows OS are irrelevant.

Seriously, let´s start 🙂

Open your mouse software. You have two important parameters:

  1. Sensor resolution (DPI). Looking for settings of pro gamers, you will realize that they play between 400 and 1600 DPI. Play around with it in your mouse software. You can control the mouse sensitivity in-game. The higher your dpi is, the lower your in-game mouse sensitivity should be. You will notice that the in-game sensitivity does not influence how fast you cursor moves while your inventory is open. High DPI = fast cursor movement in your inventory.
  2. Polling Rate (Hz). Back at the first days of CS:GO all gamers play with a polling rate of 500 Hz even if some mouses were capable to achieve 1000 Hz. The reason was fluctuating values and that could cause stutter while moving around.  Today’s gaming mouses provide 1000 Hz constantly. More Hz = smoother movement.


In-game you have to calibrate the sensitivity for general movement,  for ADS, for aiming, for scopes etc. There is no best-practice setting. You have to find your personal setting. Many players say that there is a trade-off between sensitivity for close combat and sensitivity for snipers. You have to find values that fit your game style the most and covers as many situations in the game as possible.


See this nice guide and find your personal sensitivities in-game:

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