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PUBG Troubleshooting

Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

Playing PUBG is fun if your system runs well. Playing PUBG is frustrating if something “feels” wrong and you can´t find the troublemaker.

Most common problems with PUBG:

  • visibility – solution: check all settings and drivers of your monitor and graphics card
  • micro-stutter – solution: stutter can be caused by many components of your system. Try to
    • measure your frame time (ms). If it is not stable, lower your FPS cap. Don´t use in-game cap, instead cap with a tool like Rivatuner (MSI Afterburner). If you have spikes in frame time, you feel stutter with each spike.
    • turn of page file if you have 16GB RAM or more
    • turn of shader cache in the NVIDIA control panel if you have an SSD hard disk.
    • deinstall NVIDIA driver with DDU in safe-mode and re-install a well-performing driver like version 388.71.
    • measure your CPU. If you see spikes, try to offload some task to GPU (e.g. set textures to “high” in PUBG settings). Or deactivate some background tasks.
    • close all other application (e.g. browser, Dropbox…)
    • just for testing purposes – deactivate antivirus and firewall. If the cause is your antivirus software, switch to another product. If the cause is your firewall, check for the right PUBG incoming/outgoing port rules
    • Check your router/modem. Firewall settings, Firmware etc.
    • Check your switch, if you have one between your internet connection and your system. Sometimes these bitches can cause packet collision or loss. Try to connect your system directly to your router/modem.
    • Don´t play via WLAN!!! Just don´t do it…packet loss will cause stutter for sure.
    • Test another mouse. Sometimes a broken sensor can cause stutter. Don´t use wireless mouses unless you have a Logitech Pro Wireless with only 1ms latency.
  • game crashes – solution: Again there are many possible causes. Try to
    • verify game files via Steam
    • install the newest Microsoft visual c++ libraries
    • reduce the use of VRAM (e.g. set textures to “very low” in PUBG settings)
    • reduce the use of RAM (e.g. deactivate background tasks and services)
    • If your CPU or GPU is overclocked, deactivate or reduce overclocking.
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