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Select your PUBG Skill-Level

Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

Basic Skillz

  • Played some rounds of PUBG and everbody else got faster on the ground? Do yourself a favour and learn some basic skillz. With this set of skillz you will be able to get your first kills. Maybe your first Chicken Dinner.

Advanced Skillz

  • Uuuuh, you played a couple of hours solo and won a Chicken Dinner. Nice one, Bossman. Take your path to more difficult game modes - play as a team. Tweak your basic skillz to the limit with some adjustments and advanced skillz.

Pro Skillz

  • Just one step to do. You want to compete in national or international events online or offline. Maybe you lie an eye on a career as a pro gamer. This skillz will get you into a better position.
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