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We run this website for all Fraggers on earth (and maybe for some aliens – who knows? 🙂 ). So, in the end, we run it for YOU. We love to provide you information, guides, videos, tools, coaching, consulting and a bunch of other stuff, for empowering you to play on a higher level or reach your targets, whatever they are. If we can cover our costs for the hosting of this website we would appreciate it. If we can make some extra cash to re-invest it here, of course, we appreciate it, too. We have ideas and plans for more features, more games, events on Twitch.TV etc. If you want to see this webpage grow, please support us with a donation (just click here or on the button below). If you don´t want to spend real money, there are other alternatives to support this webpage. You can spend some CPU time to Krypto-mining or follow/subscribe to our Twitch.TV-Channel and Twitter account. Talk about us wherever you have contact with other Fraggers. Thank you very much.

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