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Post has published by Michael "Flashback" Mamerow

Michael ‘Flashback’ Mamerow

Function: CEO, Consultant

Gaming experience: 35 years

Gaming Career: Just a casual gamer 😉

RL Career: IT-Consultant and Architect for 9 years 

Personal Top 3 retro Games: Pirates, Bomberman, North vs. South

Personal Top 3 modern Games: PUBG, Mount & Blade 2, BattleTech

Andreas ‘Masakari’ Mamerow

Function: CEO, Trainer

Gaming experience: 34 years

Gaming Career: Founder of -|LOGOS|- (well-known team in the early years of Counterstrike), Member of Reunited, one of the best online and offline CS teams in the first years of this millennium. Mentioned as one of the “legends” in Counterstrike (German source). If today’s pro-gaming industry has existed around the turn of the millennium, Masakari would have been one of the best professional german players in Counterstrike.

RL Career: Financial Controller for 8 years.

Personal Top 3 retro Games: North vs. South, Settlers, Giana Sisters

Personal Top 3 modern Games: PUBG, CS:GO, FIFA

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